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It's your wedding day. Make it count.


It's the day you've been planning for your entire life.
You have your bride/groom...
You have a date and time...
One thing you may not have thought about is, "How am I going to put this all together?!"
Have no fear. With over 15 years of wedding planning experience we will walk you through every step of the way for planning your entertainment and putting together your itinerary and timeline.
You can throw out any kind of monkey suit preconceptions with us. You're wedding isn't like anyone elses because it's yours. We customize everything to your requests. Together, we handpick all the key songs, Artists, Genre’s, Discuss setting moods, and much more. 
We get these questions all the time, hopefully some of these answer yours. Please review our contract for terms.
Do you have custom lighting or uplighting?
Yes. We can create all kinds of customized lighting for your event.
What does a Wedding DJ Cost?
Honestly. When people look into DJ pricing, they don’t know quite what to expect in price or performance.
The honest truth is your wedding DJ in the Sacramento, Placer, Nevada County area will charge between $500 and $2000 on up. Most of the $500 DJ’s are going to be your cheesy weekend gig folks that bought the $1000 DJ special at guitar center and now they are a "DJ". Most higher to $2000+ DJ’s have great equip, maybe a store front (more overhead), and know that some people will pay whatever it takes to get that look, that style, that bill! Every event is different and will be priced according to many different factors.
Do you have backup Dj's in case of emergency?
I work with a network of DJs. In the event of emergency we have itinerary and equipment to provide you with the best entertainment around. We got you covered!
Do you play legal music?
All of our music is legally purchased to support the artists and the trade. Don't get caught with a pirated music DJ. 
Still have more questions? Contact us. 
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